Happy Several Things At Once!

Today is a big day. For starters it’s November 1st, which means if you’re reading this you’ve survived Halloween. Picture me typing that with a big smile on my face because I’ve been blessed/cursed with a vivid imagination. Thinking back to all the reasons I myself could be said to have ‘survived Halloween’, I know firsthand it’s always great to wake up the morning after all the hoopla realizing you’re still not dead.

In other news it’s also All Saints’ Day, as well as the beginning of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). In addition to all that it’s the beginning of my new blog! I feel full to bursting with beginner’s optimism and I fully intend to enjoy that illusion as long as it lasts. Which will probably be the next week to ten days but hey, I’ll ride that wave till I hit beach or fall off, dude. It’s all about the gettin’ there. By the way my name is Licaste (lee-CAH-steh) and I’d like to extend my warmest welcome. I hope you’ll come back often.